TIGHT ACCESS SHORING - a Turnkey specialty

We have machinery & tooling designed specifically for the residential market.

Turnkey Site Solutions maintains several dedicated crews that focus exclusively on residential shoring. Our crews can mobilize on short notice to install shoring where and when other companies may fall short. Our team works with builders to solve logistical challenges associated with

  • narrow lots
  • restricted access
  • tree protection zones

…common challenges for residential projects in the Greater Toronto Area.

If you are a builder preparing for a new home construction or building addition construction project, Turnkey Site Solutions can help - contact us today. A member of our team will assist you in planning and executing foundation shoring matched to the specific needs of your site and project.

Emergency Shoring

We recognize that excavations performed without the use of shoring can become unsafe due to collapsing slopes. When excavations initiated without shoring become unsafe, Turnkey Site Solutions can quickly mobilize crews to install emergency shoring, protecting workers and adjacent properties. We have successfully completed emergency shoring projects for jobs that were halted by stop-work orders issued by the City of Toronto, as well as emergency projects managed by the Ontario Ministry of Labour.