We work with our clients to select the shoring system that best suits their project. 

Shoring systems are typically required to retain soils adjacent to excavations that exceed four feet in depth. Well-designed shoring facilitates construction for a variety of underground applications, including parking garages, basement foundations, shafts, and tunnels.

Our extensive experience and access to specialized equipment make us exceptionally capable in the design and installation of multiple forms of shoring systems, including solider pile and lagging, secant caisson wall, and more. Depending on your site and project plan, these systems may require lateral support; factors such as excavation depth, ground conditions, soil composition, and proximity to neighbouring properties will determine which support is correct for your application. When required, we achieve lateral support by installing internal bracing (rakers and struts), external bracing (tie-back anchors), or a combination of both as the site is being excavated. The result is a safe, stable shoring system.  

Every site has unique conditions that determine which shoring system will be most effective. Committed to quality and clear communication, for each project we work directly with our client's team, explaining which solution is best suited for their project and site...and why. Keeping the client's master project plan in mind, we carefully consider how shoring may impact other critical construction activities, including excavation and forming.