In-house Engineering

The Turnkey Site Solutions in-house Engineering and Drafting Department works with clients and client representatives to design efficient shoring systems to meet dynamic site constraints. Experienced in all aspects of shoring solution design-build, our team takes a uniquely collaborative approach; internally - by sharing strength and expertise within our team, and externally - by readily collaborating with external and third party experts, consultants, and geostructural engineers.

We take pride in assisting our clients with all phases of the construction process, including budgeting, permit drawings, and construction drawings.

We understand that shoring can sometimes be an afterthought, and is often overlooked in the budget phase of project planning. For that reason, we recommend clients contact us during the initial project planning stages, to allow our design team the best opportunity to identify an appropriate and cost-effective engineered shoring system suitable for their project and site. In the event that shoring systems were not included in early project plans, or a mid-project need for shoring arises, we are also prepared to work with your team to identify and design a solution at a later phase of construction.