Turnkey Site Solutions works with builders, developers, architects, and engineers to solve logistical challenges associated with the construction of shoring. Whatever your shoring needs – building underground parking garages or foundations for condominiums, townhouse developments, or residential properties – Turnkey Site Solutions has the expertise to help. We take pride in our commitment to maintaining exceptionally high standards of workmanship, health and safety, safe work practices, and company ethics. Our custom solutions provide clients with precision, high quality service and the ability to mobilize as required to maintain construction schedules. We are located in Toronto (Ontario, Canada).

Our services include:

Earth Retention Systems - Soldier Piles and Lagging & Caisson Walls
Foundation Systems - Caissons & Micropiles
Geothermal and Renewable Solutions

Our commitment to delivering high-quality designs combined with our focus on construction accuracy and precision resulted in a record year in 2015...when we successfully completed over 100 projects. Our growth has continued since then - 122 jobs completed in 2016 and on track to complete 150 in 2017. No job is too small or too big! We strongly believe that success is only achieved when we work collaboratively with our clients. Open communication and transparency form the foundation of our success.

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